Embassies Worldwide


   Please find below all Slovenia Embassies around the world

Albania - Tirana
Argentina - Buenos Aires
Australia - Canberra
Austria - Vienna
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo
Brazil - Brasilia
Canada - Ottawa
China - Beijing
Croatia - Zagreb
Czech Republic - Prague
Denmark - Copenhagen
Egypt - Cairo
France - Paris
Germany - Berlin
Greece - Athens
Hungary - Budapest
India - New Delhi
Israel - Tel Aviv
Italy - Rome
Japan - Tokyo
Kosovo - Pristina
Macedonia - Skopje
Montenegro - Podgorica
Netherlands - The Hague
Poland - Warsaw
Romania - Bucharest
Russia - Moscow
Serbia - Belgrade
Slovakia - Bratislava
Spain - Madrid
Switzerland - Bern
Turkey - Ankara
Ukraine - Kiev
United Kingdom - London
United States - Washington
Vatican City - Vatican

Slovenia Embassies are bilateral missions abroad. Slovenia Embassies promote Slovenia interests abroad.

Slovenia Embassies also play an important role in development, cultural affairs and contacts with the press. Slovenia Consulates are subordinate to the embassies and focus on more specific activities.

The activities of all Slovenia embassies and consulates are usually coordinated from their Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

On this page you will find all Slovenia Embassies around the world.

Embassy Appointment - Many Embassies nowadays require that you first make an appointment before you visit the Embassy. In most cases you can make an appointment through the Embassy website. On the official website of the Slovenia Embassy you will find information on appointments and opening hours.